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My aim is to advise you during your Career Transition/job search and provide appropriate counseling in line with your level of skills and expertise.


Finding the most appropriate job at your level means providing a tailor-made, effective support, expert counseling with a human touch, access to decision makers and to reliable data. It will also maximize your chances of finding your opportunities/next challenges in the hidden segment of the employment market. I will accompany you in identifying/creating/finding job opportunities, to influence your future and enable your career to move forward whilst also securing sustainable professional success. My role is to accompany you in identifying and then finding your dream job in a reasonable time-frame as opposed to just any position as soon as possible.

As my Career Transition counseling goes beyond the mission of maximizing your chances in finding a good job. It will encourage you to take charge in shaping your professional future as you want to, while having a reliable sounding board not only during the job search period  but during your whole career journey.

My personalized approach is an antidote to today’s “industrialisation” of job-hunting and the delivery of career transition as a process or a method…simply because YOU are unique and at your level, you deserve a value added service! You are important to me! Therefore my commitment, engagement and responsiveness is authentic. I want to be a solution for your professional future.

This specific and delicate context is not only an opportunity to accomplish my mission but is a chance for you to:
▪   position yourself as a true differentiator and behave as a value creator instead of a job seeker
▪   master the art of receiving unsolicited career and job options

Chemistry, trust and genuineness of our collaboration are of paramount importance for an optimized collaboration: advising you would be a privilege!


LET’S MEET AT YOUR CONVENIENCE so I can design a program tailored for you uniquely.

« Jean-Luc helped me to find the dream job on top of making me aware of my potential. He not only motivated me to progress but also to be proactive in my own career journey and in achieving the life I wanted. He was the trigger that showed me the way and now I’m living that life. » CFO multinational retailer