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Career Governance counseling will encourage you to take charge in shaping your professional future as you want it. Within a positive context you will have a reliable sounding board with you, not only during this period of development but during your whole career journey.


At your level of experience, it is important to clarify and validate your direction and options. You should maximize the leverage of your business acumen whilst optimizing your positioning and not just filling an empty C-slot in a corporate environment. You almost certainly want to give sense and meaningful purpose to your next career cycle because you are reaching the inflexion point in your career: time has come to take the lead. The opportunities at your level are scarce and decision making processes at strategic levels take time. So being the pilot requires anticipation, preparation, action…and time. And the future is ….now.

You will get the chance to:
■   enhance your visibility and measure your attractivity index
■   raise awareness of your own potential and external credibility
■   prepare (run a due diligence) to direct your career and be constantly pro-active
■   position yourself as a true differentiator and behave as a value creator instead of as just another job seeker
■   master the art of receiving unsolicited career options and even create a need
■   ultimately keep the ownership of your career

The value creation of my service is a sense of awareness, confidence, motivation, action, autonomy and fun to “make it happen….as you want and according to your agenda”, thus avoiding “being a hostage” of a context/system. You will be empowered not only by your employability, but also by your changed perception in directing your career…. equipped with a mindset, a strategy and an action plan, all combined with pro-active behavior.

Very much personalised, the service is designed around your more specific needs…simply because you are unique and deserve a tailor-made service ! Therefore our commitment, our engagement and our responsiveness is authentic. We want to be a solution for your professional future.

LET’S MEET AT YOUR CONVENIENCE ! so we can design a program uniquely for you.


« The return on my investment was, and still is very valuable today. Jean-Luc helped me to validate the idea that leaving was not an option. Since then, I have focused my career path within my current role but keeping an eye open…meaning developing my external network at the appropriate level. As a consequence of his professionalism and the quality of his counseling, I have recommended one of my subordinates benefit from his advice ! »
VP Engineering IT Company